February 28, 2024

1 Poseidon, the God of the Sea, the Earth, and the Equines

Oh, my. What has become of humanity these days? Do myths have greater credibility than common sense? Yes, Zeus is powerful, but Poseidon’s abilities are inherently greater when it comes to judgment!

Among his siblings, Poseidon is probably the most powerful deity. The only gods who may possibly be stronger than him are Chaos and Destiny. Destiny is one of the first gods of creation, while Chaos made the Earth for his own amusement. Poseidon would surely defeat Zeus if he weren’t the monarch of Olympus with the ability to take away immortality. The deity of the sea, earthquakes, and horses is called Poseidon. On the other hand, Zeus is in charge of lightning and thunderstorms. The ocean may be mightier than thunderstorms, and while earthquakes are capable of large-scale destruction, lightning mostly affects people. This makes Poseidon seem like the strongest of the Olympian gods.

Heavens! Poseidon is supremely powerful. Zeus may be king, but that doesn’t make him the strongest. Zeus didn’t become king until he vanquished Kronos. Zeus was outside of Kronos’ tummy, and Poseidon could have done the same. Zeus’ sphere of influence in the sky is overlapped by Poseidon’s ability to govern the seas and produce storms. Similar to Hades’ domain, he is also capable of causing earthquakes, which happen on Earth. This makes him stronger since it allows him to exert some control over both Hades’ and Zeus’s domains in addition to his own. But the wisest is Athena. Considering that Aphrodite is descended from the original Uranus, she may also be powerful. Titans and gods alike cannot match the strength of primordials.

2 Zeus, the Thunder and Sky God

According to an Iliad legend, Zeus could lift all the gods and goddesses together if they had a rope and attempted to bring them down. Zeus possesses more power than all the other gods put together. He was also the first, and in my opinion, the true eldest child of Rhea and Kronos. This is due to the fact that all the others were ingested at birth and were only set free from Kronos by Zeus’ intervention.
Zeus has shown himself to be wise, witty, compassionate, fierce, strong, and deserving. He sometimes acts unfairly because it fits him, but he is the main factor keeping Olympus together.

Zeus freed all the Gods and Goddesses by defeating the Titan Cronus on his own. He also defeated Typhon, who was regarded as the strongest of the Titans. Remember the day Zeus dispatched Apollo’s son with a thunderbolt just as he was about to bring the world to ruin? Zeus had to train himself because his mother was the only one he had as a child and she wasn’t trained in fighting. I agree with those who think Zeus should be given more credit than Poseidon. Not to be disrespectful, but Poseidon isn’t as strong. He finds it difficult to control the water without falling to the ground. Many seem to be in favor of Poseidon mainly because of the Percy Jackson books. It’s about time that folks learned about true Greek mythology.

3 Athena, the Wisdom Goddess

The wisest one is Athena. Without a brain, who couldn’t survive? She is also a skilled fighter. God, who could lose to a cunning and skillful fighter? Not Zeus, not me, nor anyone at all!

Athena is brave and intelligent. She is calm and fair-skinned. She’s not simply a brain either. She is an excellent fighter and tactician as well. She is an excellent spear thrower and wears war armor at all times.
Poseidon is nice, but Ares? He was a useless, angry, cruel, and cowardly god. Set the record straight!
Zeus was a married man who frequently made advances toward other ladies. And he seized power over the cosmos, forcing his brothers to conquer the ocean and the underworld. And you, the one who declared Hephaestus to be ugly? As if that were important! Looks don’t really important. Hera and you would have got along well. For no other reason than his looks, she cast Hephaestus over a mountaintop and left him crippled.

She is the epitome of a strong, self-reliant lady. She is a deadly foe since she is shrewd but brutal in combat. While other people might take action out of rage, Athena would devise a failsafe plan to bring you down. Minerva, her Roman equivalent, is mainly revered as the goddess of crafts. A portion of Athena’s character is diminished by the extensive omission of her war-related aspect. In contrast to Athena, who represents what every girl is or aspires to be on the inside, I think the Roman equivalent of Athena shows how Roman women were supposed to behave.

4 Hades, the Underworld God

He is not a god of evil. A common misconception about Hades is that he is connected to evil. But this unfavorable reputation is largely due to Hollywood’s depiction of death as malevolent, not to the mythological death itself. Death is an essential aspect of existence.
Besides, he’s not the god of Death; he’s the god of the DEAD. Thanatos owns that title. The oldest son of Kronos and Rhea was named Hades. He ought to have therefore legitimately inherited the Olympus throne. He has a great advantage because he is the god of the Dead and has an endless army that keeps increasing.
Hades is not a nasty god, despite what the public believes. In fact, he is frequently shown in tales to have a stronger sense of justice than Zeus, his younger brother. Hades is often blamed for taking Persephone hostage, but it’s important to remember that he did it at the behest of his brother Zeus, who was also Persephone’s father. Besides, this is nothing compared to the transgressions of other gods. Persephone, as the tale goes, finally found happiness in the Underworld. One of the most devoted gods in Greek mythology is Hades, too. He only attempted to cheat on Persephone twice, and both times she stopped him. When compared to Zeus and Poseidon, this has a far better track record. And for those who would bring up Percy Jackson to defend themselves, keep in mind that it’s a work of fiction rather than an accurate portrayal of Greek mythology.
Hades was usually rational in his deeds and only punished the wicked. He did not harm mortals at random, in contrast to many other Olympians. Being placed in the “least desirable” realm and feeling shunned by his family contributed to his perceived gloomy personality. Given these circumstances, is it really fair to criticize him? He may not sit on the throne of Olympus, but he is nonetheless descended from Olympians. It’s important to note that Hades is the richest god of them all. Thus, in the event that you… more

5 Apollo, the Sun and Light God

If you think Poseidon is the strongest, think about this: Given his ability to make well-considered decisions, Poseidon is unquestionably strong—possibly even more so than Zeus in some situations. But if Apollo so desired, he might defeat Poseidon. When there is sunlight present, water evaporates. Many believe that because Poseidon is one of “the Big Three,” he is better, but in actuality, Apollo has the ability to wipe out Poseidon’s whole realm. That has a great deal of power. So, keep Apollo’s talents in mind when selecting a team.

He is the wisest of all the Greek gods and the embodiment of the perfect Greek man. Even though he is not as strong as Zeus, he is nonetheless the second most revered deity after his father. Other than Zeus, he claims the most temples, oracles, and offerings. He is also the most relatable of the gods.

My favorite god is Apollo. He did make mistakes, after all, who doesn’t? Everybody has flaws. He was one of the gods who, despite losing his powers, never gave up. This tenacity demonstrates his fortitude and capacity to overcome obstacles. Bravo, Apollo!

6 Ares, the War God

Making the choice to be the greatest god is simple. Unlike the other gods, Ares supported the Trojan War underdogs. Ares was unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat on his own, but Athena was superior as a strategist and had the upper hand. When it came to combat, he was a violent barbarian who got angry easily. He wasn’t stupid, though, by any means. The Spartans, the greatest warriors in history, looked up to him and thought he was a picture-perfect soldier. I have no idea why Poseidon received so many votes. For days on end, he simply hides with the fish as Ares fights.

The war god is unmanageable. Without a question, he is the greatest god. Despite not being the strongest, he is still quite impressive. He perhaps has the most extraordinary power of all the Greek gods.

Recall that power, not personality, is at stake here. Ares isn’t the most endearing person in the world, as we can all agree. Still, he is the strongest Olympian in terms of physical prowess.

7 Artemis, the Moon, the Hills and Forests, and the Hunt

For those who don’t actively pursue it, power comes easily. Have you heard of that before? That’s appropriate for Artemis. Even though she isn’t as noticeable as Apollo, Zeus, or Athena, she is still rather strong. She presents herself in a certain way.

One of my favorite gods is Artemis. She swore off men and is, first and foremost, an eternal maiden. sensible decision. Secondly, unlike her brother Apollo, she lacks bluster and brilliance. Artemis stays to herself, but Apollo pursues and flirts with potential lovers. She exudes a kind of icy royalty that is unmistakably reminiscent of a strong deity. Even when she doesn’t seek it out, love finds her. Although she is attractive, she doesn’t seem to care. Her innate attractiveness is apparent. That’s a quality I enjoy about her.
She is incredibly kind to her followers, the Hunters of Artemis. She does not use her authority over them. She views them as sisters and equals. Finally, I should mention that Artemis was the first to be born and that she helped her brother, Phoebus Apollo, be born. Apollo intentionally flirts with ladies, as I have already stated. Whereas Artemis’ beauty is inherent, his is ostentatious and brilliant. Apollo is not worth it. But Artemis isn’t. With the possible exception of Athena, my second favorite goddess, Artemis is the best, calmest, and wisest. She is not rash or cruel. She is fair, cold, and regal.

8 Hephaestus, the God of Volcanoes, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, and Technology

Hephaestus is a very amazing creature. He is still the greatest deity in my opinion, despite the opinions of others that he is ugly and those of his wife Aphrodite that he is not attractive. In terms of repairs, his abilities are unmatched, and he creates the best armor. Though he is known as the God of Volcanic Fire, I just think of fire when I think of him. Being able to control fire would be a remarkable ability, particularly for a Hephaestus-son demigod. Hephaestus is my first choice, although Poseidon is deserving of a close second. He’s also very great!

Unquestionably magnificent is Hephaestus! Without him, the sun would never rise, and we would all live in constant darkness. In addition, he made all of Ares’s weapons; without them, what would Ares stand for? He also fashioned Apollo’s bows and arrows and his lyre. Without his efforts, these gods would be lacking something!

Sincerely, I feel bad for Hephaestus. His family rejected him despite his extraordinary talent as a blacksmith due to his appearance. His wife and mother both left him. However, Hephaestus was there to tend to Hera when she became ill, and his generosity went unnoticed. That is really unjust! Hera is also one of the worse goddesses, in my opinion. She made Zeus take the fall for driving Hephaestus from Mount Olympus. This has nothing to do with Hephaestus, even though I also don’t like Zeus. I feel so sorry for Hephaestus.

9 Aphrodite: Beauty, Lust, and Love Goddess

Interesting fact: Aphrodite was formerly a goddess of both love and battle. I picture you receiving relationship counsel from an armored goddess who is prepared for fight. Still, this was not a widely held opinion of her. Zeus makes a point of telling Aphrodite that she is not a war goddess and that she has no place on the battlefield in the Iliad.
She grew over her battle period and discovered lust, which was a far more powerful weapon. Have you ever wondered why Zeus can’t contain his emotions? Or why are there far too many illegitimate children among so many gods? That is partly because of the power of Aphrodite. Zeus once forced her to fall in love with a random farmer as retaliation since things had gotten so horrible. This backfired since their son was Aeneas, a descendant of the Roman founders—you know, the ones who overthrew Greece and “borrowed” all of its deities.
It’s time that people gave Aphrodite some credit. She just takes her time.

The greatest is unquestionably Aphrodite. She needs to be at the top. There would be no love in the world if it weren’t for her. And there would only be hate and conflict in the absence of love. Many people will suffer if it occurs. We love our families and friends because of her. She is the reason for the wonder and beauty in our world, and the reason our hearts are not dark.

10 Hermes: God of Trade, Thieves, Travelers, Sports, and Crossing Boundaries; Messenger of the Gods

Hermes travels so quickly that, in the twinkling of an eye, he would have traveled the entire universe. It’s game over if you try to battle this person. In a matter of seconds, he sends you billions of punches. He resembles the Flash transformed into a Greek deity. Before they even realize he is eliminating their kin, he has the ability to vanquish almost all deities. He is a multiverse traveler, having visited both Olympus and the underworld. Received a million dollar check? No, you didn’t, as Hermes simply ran over and took possession of it. A juggernaut deity that can jump dimensions and steal things at superspeed is unbeatable.

The reason Hermes/Mercury is the best is that, unlike the other gods, who argue and meddle in the lives of mortals over matters of power, love, and vanity, Hermes simply does his job and enjoys himself. Oh, and he transports people to the hereafter for a living. He’s the Grim Reaper except with better hair and more swagger. Hecate, the insane goddess of magic, is also his wife. Come on, why is this guy not ranked #1?

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